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About Photography / Hobbyist Chloe(call me PurKun)Female/United States Group :icondown-with-homophobes: Down-With-Homophobes
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i do adopts on my main account (chloe77619)

but please donate cause ill donate to others too when i get points

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PurKun's Profile Picture
Chloe(call me PurKun)
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
my names chloe but call me purkun plzz

im 15 (dec 6)

im schizophrenic...


whatever though..

er... bi
i like to dye my hair
natural blonde, dyed blueish greenish purplish coontails, then dyed it all black for anime boston :)
went as gamzee

dont update this much so a lot might have changed during the periods i dont change this

oh and i found out i have depression which is why i cut and sleep a lot... i know that its not much you know. i bet ill have at least 8 people commenting and shit "liar you dont have depression your just a lazy fuck" and "well your not depressed just cause you cut" or "your not schizophrenic cause not all schizophrenics hear voices"
well i do have depression and i am schizophrenic and thats that unless your a doctor that diagnoses patients over the computer

k enough of that... i like boys and girls. dont like children much but i babysit sometimes.

LOVE LOVE LOVE animals. any ans all
even spiders (national spider killer of my campsite on the school camping trip)
and my snake (that my dad let go then ran over with his car, long story)
and my dead lizard...

im not scared or much. myself mostly...

♥♥♥Emo doesn't mean you cut. Emo doesn't mean you're gay. Emo doesn't mean you're suicidal. Emo is real. Emo is people. Emo is everything. Emo is a label. Emo is being free. Free to be you. Free to express. Free to tell everyone to fuck off!! Emo is just a word .-EMOS- *Are not cry babies *Do not always wear black *Can be very nice people *Don't always cut themselves *Are not always depressed *Can be happy too *Are normal people just like you* PUT THIS ON UR PAGE IF YOU SUPPORT EMOS!!!!♥♥♥

|..........| Put this on your
|..........| page if you have
|......O..| ever pushed a
|..........| door that said pull.
I am afraid of...
[ ] the dark
[ ] staying single forever
[ ] being a parent
[ ] giving birth
[ ] being myself in front of others
[ ] open spaces
[ ] closed spaces
[ ] heights
[ ] birds
[ ] fish (rim chuchu, madiline, nikki, and midna the fishies)
[ ] spiders (XD gujo is still very alive)
[ ] flowers or other plants

Total so far: 0 (im not afraid of much)

[ ] being touched
[ ] fire
[] deep water
[ ] snakes (rip melvin the snake)
[ ] silk
[ ] the ocean
[ ] failure
[ ] success
[ ] thunder/lightning  
[ ] frogs/toads (my brother was the one who had all the toads)
[ ] my boyfriend's/girlfriend's dad
[ ] boyfriend's/girlfriend's mom
[ ] rats (rip lemo the rat)
[ ] jumping from high places
[ ] snow

Total so far: 0

[ ] rain
[ ] wind
[ ] crossing hanging bridges
[ ] death
[ ] heaven
[ ] being robbed
[ ] falling
[ ] clowns
[ ] dolls
[ ] large crowds of people
[ ] men
[ ] women
[ ] having great responsibilities
[ ] doctors, including dentists
[ ] tornadoes (last year a tornado went over our bus when coming home from sixflags)

Total so far: 0 (im not making this shit up. im mostly just scared at stuff like screamers on the computer)

[ ] hurricanes (had one a year ago)
[ ] incurable diseases
[ ] sharks
[ ] Friday the 13th
[ ] ghosts
[ ] poverty
[ ] Halloween
[ ] school
[ ] trains
[ ] odd numbers
[ ] even numbers
[ ] being alone
[ ] becoming blind
[ ] becoming deaf
[ ] growing up

Total so far: 0

[ ] creepy noises in the night
[ ] bee stings
[ ] not accomplishing my dreams/goals
[ ] needles
[ ] dinosaurs
[ ] the welcome mat
[ ] high speed
[ ] throwing up
[ ] falling in love
[ ] super secrets

Total: 0 (well if they wrote more obvious stuff like screamers or shit! like. i see an ant on me, but like just suddenly notice the ant on me. for a second, i have a mini heart attack. but then i flick it off and go on with my life.)… legit started crying when i saw this the first time

If you get more than 30, I strongly recommend some counseling.If you get more than 21, you're paranoid.
If you get 11-20, you are normal.
If you get 10 or less, you're fearless.

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